How it works?

Car exchange between individuals

Borrow a car between people you trust, simple and economical. Registration is free and allows you to have a mobility solution for your trips anywhere in France. An offer for car owners who use it sparingly and want to make it accessible to other drivers. In return for the loan of your car, you benefit from financial and/or practical advantages:

– You earn MilesCoins as soon as your vehicle is used.

– You have access to other vehicles free of charge.

If you make your car available to the Mileswap car-sharing community, it will be integrated into the shared vehicle fleet and accessible to other Swappers drivers. When you use another vehicle on the platform, you will only pay for the fuel.

Want to live a unique experience? As soon as you register, we offer you your first Milescoins.

I borrow

1. The request
I’m looking for the car I need,
I apply for a loan on my own dates,
I contact the lender for more information.

2. The loan
I pick up the vehicle at the address indicated,
I verify the information given thanks to a dematerialized contract,
I’m taking advantage of the lender’s car.

3. The return
I return the vehicle on the chosen date,
I confirm the return information via the dematerialized contract,
I note the lender.

I lend

1. Validation
I make my vehicle available on the platform.
I receive a loan request from a Swapper.
The borrower contacts me to define the details.
We make an appointment to proceed with the exchange.

2. The loan
I make my car available to my interlocutor on the defined date.
I confirm the information in the dematerialized loan agreement before leaving the keys.

3. The return
I pick up the vehicle on the defined date.
I confirm the return information via the dematerialized contract.
I note the borrower and get some Milescoins.


The exchange currency Mileswap

At Mileswap, we have created a currency exchange that allows you to exchange your vehicle easily and free of charge.

You earn your first MilesCoins when you register. Then, you earn MilesCoins when you make your vehicle available to other individuals. You can spend your MilesCoins to go on holiday or to travel to your holiday destination and for events around your home (moving, wedding…).

400  Welcome MilesCoins will be offered to you upon registration when your profile is completed!