Optional insurance for one-time car exchange between private individuals

Service available from 1st January 2019

Lender Swapper

Optional insurance coverage designed to protect you from any damage to your vehicle or a third party caused by a borrowing member during a Mileswap exchange.

For a secure exchange, you can require members to subscribe to the optional insurance policy.

In the case of an accident, the borrower pays the repair costs limited to the deductible, and the insurance pays the rest.

The insurance conditions for the lending member:

– Private vehicles with a GVW of less than 3.5 T and a replacement value of less than or equal to 50,000 euros,

– Technical inspection of vehicles carried out in accordance with the regulations in force,

– Have insurance that allows you to borrow a steering wheel.


Borrower Swapper

Mileswap’s optional insurance covers accidents (material and bodily damage), theft and fire.

If you are responsible for a claim, you will be liable for the maximum Mileswap deductible amount.

This optional insurance is intended to be subscribed by the member who borrows a vehicle, on his own initiative or at the request of the member lending his vehicle.

Insurance conditions for the borrower :

– They must hold a valid permit and conform to the category of vehicle loaned,

– The driver must be at least 21 years old,

– That he has not had any claims with aggravating circumstances during thelast 36 months (commitment on honour when subscribing to the optional insurance service)

– The owner of the vehicle knows and accepts that his car is potentially made available to young drivers.


Your benefits

Thanks to our partnership with the MAIF, you have the possibility to be insured all risks on Mileswap.
Mileswap assistance eng
In case of breakdown or accident, MAIF Assistance is available 24 hours a day to troubleshoot the vehicle and to take over the passengers.
In case of problem, we will lend you a replacement vehicle during the vehicle's immobilization period.